Confirmation Personal Coaching - English Champ Junior

Greetings from Speakwell English Academy...!!

Thank you for joining Speakwell English Academy. Your admission is confirmed. You can download the below mentioned apps, which will be required for attending the class.

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Please note

  1. Once fees Paid is not refundable
  2. To Change the batch timings, Rs.250/- will be charged extra.
  3. In case of break taken by the student, Rs.250/- will be charged extra.
  4. Management reserves right to change the trainer.
  5. Book set will be delivered and course will only start after 50% payment done.
  6. International Customers will have to pay extra courier Charges.
  7. If the fees are not paid on time by the customer the management reserves right to stop the class.
  8. Speakwell will not be responsible if you’re unable to join the class due to any personal reason.
  9. Speakwell expects you to follow the rules and regulations, while attending the class. A) Student should be properly dressed up during class. B) Student should mute/unmute themselves whenever asked by the trainer. C) Student should login 5 minutes before the batch timings. D) Students should not use bad or vulgar language in the class.
  10. All payments to be done in Speakwell Account only. We will not responsible for paying through sales executive personal account.
  11. If any personal favor done to any Speakwell representative, Speakwell will not be responsible. Trainers or their replacements will be arranged at the sole discretion of the company, Speakwell.
  1. Trainers or their replacements will be arranged at the sole discretion of the company, Speakwell.
  2. Candidates / students are not allowed to make choices of trainers
  3. Student is allowed to cancel maximum of 2 lectures.

Please confirm that you have agreed to above rules and regulations and abide by.

For further queries or information you can contact our customer care on:

Mobile No. 99877 01672


Please do not hesitate to call us in case of any query or require any further details.

Many Thanks & Regards,

 Speakwell Customer Care.🙏